FAQs on Modi (v 15 April 2019)

FAQ on Modi (v 15.04.2019)


The following questions were asked to me on twitter and I have already responded.  Here it is collated for general use. It may help the reader answer such questions when posed during discussion/debates.  If there are any questions that you have been confronted with and need help please do let me know and it will be my pleasure to help.

Q35: Fake news are spread by Hindu nationalist groups”.(issue raised in The Conversation podcast: https://theconversation.com/india-tomorrow-part-1-fake-news-and-the-battle-for-information-113579 Also replied by me there in comments section.

Facts and sources

Sharma’s claim “I think the range of misinformation and fake news that all Hindu nationalist groups, including the BJP, indulge in, far outnumbers those of all other parties put together” is outlandish again. On what basis is he making such a claim?? An academic can’t push his thought bubbles by ‘I think”. It needs to have some basis. Interestingly, just yesterday the congress party pushed a fake letter written by 160 Army veterans on Whatsapp to the President that army is being misused for propaganda. It was found that the President’s office didn’t receive any such letter. Furthermore, many of the army veterans whose names were included expressed shock that their names have been included without consent. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/former-army-chief-gen-rodrigues-denies-writing-controversial-letter-to-president/videoshow/68852782.cms

Q34: ‘Narendra Modi has a Hindu nationalist platform”.(issue raised in The Conversation podcast: https://theconversation.com/india-tomorrow-part-1-fake-news-and-the-battle-for-information-113579 Also replied by me there in comments section.

Facts and sources

Roy continues to make bold statements when he says ‘Narendra Modi and has a Hindu nationalist platform”. It is really an ‘invention’ by left liberal lobby in India backed by their counterparts overseas to systematically malign Modi. When has Modi said that he has a Hindu Nationalist Platform? He took the oath under Indian constitution. If he was really pursuing the Hindu nationalist platform why would staunch Muslim countries like United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia would confer their highest civilian honour on Modi?? https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/pm-narendra-modi-awarded-with-russias-highest-state-decoration-order-of-st-andrew/articleshow/68848334.cms?fbclid=IwAR1avLX08VjdioBOI-JV7Ql_qR-mMWyr5kHZaz8gA1zqVWDbbnV6yhYKahI

Furthermore, why would Modi abolish Triple Talaq to better the lot of Muslim women? https://theconversation.com/triple-talaq-abolition-is-only-the-start-of-a-larger-campaign-for-gender-justice-in-india-83089

Sharma again finds fault with Internet Hindus for the portmanteau ‘libtard’.. yet forgets the equally vicious attack the left liberal lobby unleashes against everything Hindu – whether you are BJP or RSS sympathiser or not. As soon as one puts forward an alternative narrative when Hinduism is attacked the person is immediately branded as a ‘Sanghi’. What about Azam Khan a Samajwadi Party (pro Muslim) recently circulating morphed filthy images of his rival BJP candidate and former actress Jayaprada? https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/jaya-prada-says-she-thought-of-suicide-after-morphed-pictures-went-viral-calls-amar-singh-godfather-1987262
Interestingly there was no outrage from the women empowerment crusaders which the left liberal lobby claims they are. Had this happened the other way around, the whole eco-system of the left liberal whether in India or overseas would have been pressed into action. Why such selectivity?

Q33: Trolls that attack those who question Hindu nationalism. (issue raised in The Conversation podcast: https://theconversation.com/india-tomorrow-part-1-fake-news-and-the-battle-for-information-113579 Also replied by me there in comments section.

Facts and sources

Sharma talks about trolls that attack those who question Hindu nationalism. But is that a one-way traffic? What about those who troll BJP/RSS or Hindus in general (the pseudo-secular lot)? Again, the concept of Hindu Rashtra has been much maligned by the left-liberal lobby. The partition of India itself was based on religion so that Muslims get Pakistan and Hindus get India. The two-nation theory was mooted by Syed Ahmed Khan in 1883 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-nation_theory#cite_note-33 which cites Ramachandra Guha, Makers of Modern India, Harvard University Press (2011), p. 65.Again, the concept of Hindu Rashtra has been explained by Golwalkar an ideologue of the RSS. It is an inclusive concept since Hinduism per se is an inclusive way of life. Check here..https://www.abc.net.au/religion/why-the-hatred-of-modi-a-response-to-zoya-hasan-and-martha-nussb/10095554

Q32: No body is safe under Modi’s regime (issue raised in The Conversation podcast: https://theconversation.com/india-tomorrow-part-1-fake-news-and-the-battle-for-information-113579 Also replied by me there in comments section.

Facts and sources

Gurpreet’s observation you are really creating a society in which nobody’s safe is alarmist. Again, it presumes that everything was hunky dory prior to Modi took over. The cow vigilant are facing the law already https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/11-sentenced-to-life-for-lynching-meat-trader-in-jharkhand/article23311438.ece

To put the violence in context, the panellist should have told us about the political violence unleashed in West Bengal by Communist government. During 1982-1984 communist rule, more than 630 cases of human lynching took place. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-40402021 or the genocide of 3,000 Sikhs during 1984 riots as indicated earlier. They also don’t tell us about the lynching of BJP workers in Kerala where the left party https://www.firstpost.com/india/rss-activist-killed-in-kerala-state-bjp-alleges-cpms-involvement-in-murder-4205837.html or the TMC rules https://www.ndtv.com/cities/bjp-workers-body-found-hanging-in-west-bengal-1935915

Please refer to my rebuttal of Wendy Doniger here where I touch these issues, among others. http://indiafacts.org/wendy-hinduism-and-cow/

Q31: Cow-related lynching is a big problem under Modi (issue raised in The Conversation podcast: https://theconversation.com/india-tomorrow-part-1-fake-news-and-the-battle-for-information-113579. Also replied by me there in comments section.

Facts and sources

The National Crime Research Bureau doesn’t maintain such record as clarified by the relevant Minister on the floor of the House (https://factchecker.in/minister-to-parliament-no-data-on-lynching-here-they-are-including-governments-own/). It appears Sharma probably got the information from a dubious website called IndiaSpend. The data collection method of this website is questionable and so also their observation which is solely intended to depict Modi in poor light. For example, the website states that ‘About 98% of these attacks occurred post-May 2014, after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed power”. Law and order is a state subject so how can Modi be held responsible? Furthermore, half of the lynching took place in non-BJP states still Modi is being held accountable for this why such bias? Also, another website PostCard compiled similar data that shows a different statistics of lynching (see here for reference http://indiafacts.org/wendy-hinduism-and-cow/). Given that the lynching data is equally spread between BJP-ruled and Non-BJP ruled states, obviously party in power has little to do with the phenomena and the causes probably reside elsewhere.

Sharma goes on about cow-related lynching… “cases of mob lynchings, 57% of them have been Muslims and 10% of them have been Dalits”. First, we don’t know where he got this data from. Second, as beef is a Muslim-dominated industry https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/02/selling-the-sacred-cow-indias-contentious-beef-industry/385359/ Naturally, Muslims would be mostly involved in cow smuggling which explains the high proportion of Muslims when it comes to mob-lynching. The narrative that Muslims are somehow getting targeted ignores the fact that cattle is not a religion issue by an economic issue https://www.livemint.com/ Cattle is wealth for a rural poor and when a cow is stolen, the anger will be much more than say a car being stolen in Australia. The cow provides livelihood for the poor. Again, when in a village if there are repeated instances of cow stealing or children-kidnapping, the village people would form a voluntary squad to keep vigil (like neighbourhood watch in Australia). Given that the nearest police station may be many miles away, catching the culprit, handing him over to police, registering complaint, the court cases and the verdict delivery is such an arduous process in India that 66,000 cases are pending for more than 30 years. Total pendency in Indian courts is 29 million https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/140-cases-pending-in-lower-courts-for-more-than-60-years/articleshow/67316284.cms. Thanks to the left-backed congress government that ruled India for most of its 70 years. When justice delayed equals justice denied, the village folks can’t be blamed when they take law in their hands and sort out things for themselves. Those who live in developed world or those who have lived in cities in India can’t just fathom what it is like to lead a life of a poor in India – having one or two cows which get stolen. The illegal trade commands considerable price in the market so there is incentive to steal. These cattle are usually smuggled out of India to nearing Bangladesh which is a major headache for India. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/stranded-cattle-along-bangladesh-border-new-headache-for-bsf/articleshow/67359663.cms


Q30 Right wing (RW) is a threat to democracy and Modi belongs to RW (issue raised in The Conversation podcast: https://theconversation.com/india-tomorrow-part-1-fake-news-and-the-battle-for-information-113579. Also replied by me there in comments section.

Facts and sources

Why does the emergence of right-wing (RW) brings democracy under threat?? Is the RW not duly elected? Does democracy mean rule of the left-wing only?? Again, the words RW and LW are not appropriate in Indian context. These words generally relate to economic policies. If pro-poor policies are to be called LW and pro-business to be RW then Modi would be truly termed as a left-wing leader! Construction of 90 million toilets for the poor, provision of 60 million gas connection to the poor, building 15 million houses for the poor, Jan Dhan bank accounts for all, Rs 6,000 cash handout to small farmers and such other measures can’t be called RW policies by western standard. (all statistics is verifiable online)3. Roy doesn’t explain how Modi is holding back democracy. Many state elections, Municipal elections, village Council elections have taken place after Modi came to power as a matter of routine. The Parliament election is also taking place right now

Q29: Democracy is ‘absolutely under threat’ TODAY, that is, under Modi. (issue raised in The Conversation podcast: https://theconversation.com/india-tomorrow-part-1-fake-news-and-the-battle-for-information-113579. Also replied by me there in comments section.

Fact & sources

If democracy has been undermined, then it was by Nehru dynasty. a. Nehru dismissed a duly elected majority Communist government in Kerala using article 356 of the Constitution. S. A. Dange, a veteran communist leader, (who received the highest honour from USSR, The Order of Lenin), described Nehru’s actions as the ‘murderers of democracy’ (Source: Godbole, M (2014) The God Who Failed, Rupa Publications, New Delhi, p. 78).b. “SarDesai and Mohan have emphasized that in the center-state, arena, Nehru made use of the Article 356 for the imposition of President’s rule on six occasions… to institutionalise the predominant position of the Congress Party. The net result was that no non-congress Chief Minister lasted his full term of office in the Nehru era” (Godbole. M. ibid, p. 78) c. Indira Gandhi, Nehru’s daughter imposed national emergency for 21 months (1975-1977). “For much of the Emergency, most of Gandhi’s political opponents were imprisoned and the press was censored. Several other human rights violations were reported from the time, including a forced mass-sterilization campaign spearheaded by Sanjay Gandhi, the Prime Minister’s son. The Emergency is one of the most controversial periods of independent India’s history” (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emergency_(India).d. Like her father, Indira misused Article 356 no less than 50 times during her 16 year old regime https://www.hindustantimes.com/india/indira-s-record-of-imposing-president-s-rule-may-undercut-congress-attack-in-uttarakhand/story-ScTck8GxBB7B9Fx9akNIZK.htmle. Under Rajiv Gandhi’s watch 3,000 Sikhs were massacred in Delhi alone in 1984. It is alleged that Rajiv provoked the violence. Even after 30 yrs not a single prosecution took place. Now under Modi first prosecution has taken place (https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/punjabi/en/article/2018/12/17/sajjan-kumar-sentenced-life-imprisonment-1984-anti-sikh-carnage-caseDo all these examples support that democracy was thriving and all was hunky dory with Indian democracy before the arrival of Modi in 2014?

Q 28: Indian economy will become bankrupt under Modi


Under Modi Indian economy transformed from being bankrupt (Fragile FIVE) to the fastest growing economy in the world now. From10th largest globally in 2014 to 6th largest 2018. So unless one is obsessed with Modi hatred one would not believe in such blatant lies.




Q27: What are the sins of congress party?? Why is it castigated

Following examples would suffice:

1947: Partition of India. Gandhi suggested that let Jinnah be the PM but Nehru refused (as he wanted to be the PM??).  Partition led to massacre of over a million people on both sides and an equal number of refugees. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/18/opinion/india-pakistan-partition-imperial-britain.html


1947: The Kashmir Imbroglio: “While matters pertaining to over 540 princely states were handled by the States Ministry under Vallabhbhai Patel’s leadership, Nehru kept the Kashmir question exclusively with himself…. The responsibility for all decisions pertaining to the handling of Kashmir question has therefore to be placed at the door of Nehru himself”. “If Nehru had permitted Vallabhbhai Patel to handle the Kashmir issue, it could have been solved satisfactorily once and for all. But Nehru left this as a permanent item on India’s agenda with no solution in sight”[1]

1959: Misuse of Article 356: Nehru dismissed a duly elected majority CPM government in Kerala.

1962: China war. Army was alerting Nehru about build up by China on the border and Nehru laughed at their assessment.  He said China will NEVER attack India. (Hindi Chini bhai bhai days).  Within 6 months China attacked India.  Indian soldiers were ordered to push the Chinese back.  They didn’t even have mountain boots. (Read Himalayan Blunder by Brigadier Dalvi available online. Also see Godbole 2014:70)[2]). Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers were killed and India lost sizeable territory to China which China never returned to us. https://archive.org/stream/in.ernet.dli.2015.127062/2015.127062.Himalayan-Blunder_djvu.txt

1975: Imposition of emergency. Suspension of fundamental rights. Media gagged. Opposition leaders put in jail. Compulsory sterilisation program launched. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emergency_(India)

1984: Nearly, 3,000 Sikhs were massacred in Delhi alone following the assassination of Mrs Gandhi. No one arrested. Only after Modi took over one of the kingpins Sajjan Kumar is now in jail. Another accused is Kamal Nath who is CM of Madhya Pradesh presently. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/1984-anti-sikh-riots-enough-evidence-against-kamal-nath-cant-evade-law-now-says-hs-phoolka-5023645/

1990:  Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits  https://www.indiatoday.in/fyi/story/exodus-of-kashmiri-pandits-january-19-jammu-and-kashmir-304487-2016-01-19





Q 26: In 5 yrs of Modi govt, exports grew just above 10% overall after scorching 126% growth under UPA-2



If you compare exports of 2008-09 to 2013-14 you will find a dramatic rise as stated above. The reason is due to the GFC world trade was severely affected and so also that of India.  When the world markets recovered over the years the exports rose. Comparing 2013-14 with 2008-09 is incorrect since growth after recession is always dramatic.


Interestingly, two major exports were responsible for the spike in 2013-14. (a) Gold: 80:20 scheme 20% export mandatory. World gold price rose so same volume but more amount! Round tripping – export and then import. Largest money laundering scheme by Chidambaram. Refined petroleum: Crude Oil Price high in 2013-14 and peaked in 2012-2013.








Q 25: If Modi wins in 2019 it will be the last election

This is true if it is to be an election between existing political leaders and Modi.  If Modi wins in 2019 then by 2024 dynasty would be in Tihar – National Herald &Augusta case. Mamta in Sarda case. Akhilesh n illegal mining case, Maya in disproportionate assets case. Laloo already in jail.  Consequently, New & Clean leaders will emerge to take on Modi which will be very healthy for India.


Q 24: Balacoat is a bluff


Pakistan does feed this lie to its people. If you are a Pakistani or its sympathiser, that is, a congressi, a leftist or a jihadist but live in India then you would agree with their version.  They got beaten up badly which they are not going to admit will they?  They didn’t allow international journalist to visit for one month by that time they cleaned up the stuff. But the proof is available on satellite images. Please check the statement of Indian Air force Chief.



Q 23: Why he took the credit when the scientist did it?


It is a major national achievement, so it makes sense that the PM makes the announcement. India enters the group of three China, US and Russia to have this capability.  UPA was known only for scams which couldn’t be announced as achievement by MM Singh.

Q22 why did he take 5 years to test ASAT? Why not earlier?


The capability was there in 2012 itself BUT UPA govt put it in cold storage. Modi approved it in the year 2014-2015. ASAT is NOT Diwali fire cracker. It takes lots of preparation.




Q21: What has Modi done for farmers


  1. Before Modi farmers rioted for urea. Due to neam coating pilferage stopped. Ample urea available. No more riots (https://www.downtoearth.org.in/news/bihar-witnesses-violent-protests-over-fertiliser-shortage-48730)
  2. Minimum support price raised to 1.5 times cost. Swaminathan the father of green revolution in India, hails Modi’s action (https://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/father-of-indian-green-revolution-ms-swaminathan-hails-narendra-modi-government/716559/)
  3. Rs 6,000 per year direct income support for small farmers (https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/budget-2019-direct-income-support-rs-6000-year-farmers-announced-96060)
  4. Rural roads construction: 82% now connected 56% before Modi took over (https://www.the-pulse.in/not-just-new-but-its-the-iconic-infrastructure-that-differentiates-the-modi-govt)
  5. Highway construction up by 41% as compared to UPA in just four and half years of Modi (https://www.the-pulse.in/not-just-new-but-its-the-iconic-infrastructure-that-differentiates-the-modi-govt)
  6. Cheaper bank loans (https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/agriculture/rbi-notifies-2-interest-subsidy-scheme-for-short-term-crop-loans/articleshow/68308544.cms?from=mdr)
  7. World’s largest crop insurance (https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/india-s-flagship-crop-insurance-scheme-a-big-leap-but-needs-fixes/story-uzcfIpAjEAX06d3a0ZQ0OJ.html)
  8. Better farm prices through e-market (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/modis-48-months-better-than-congs-48-yrs-rule-for-farm-sector-agriculture-minister-radha-mohan-singh/articleshow/64386980.cms)
  9. Soil health card to improve productivity of farms/income of farmers (https://krishijagran.com/agripedia/benefits-of-soil-health-card-scheme/)

Q20: What has Modi done for poor?


  1. More than 9 crores toilets built till Dec 2018 (https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Cover-Story/World-s-biggest-toilet-building-project-empowers-India-s-women)
  2. 6 crore poor families get Gas connection (https://scroll.in/article/908643/the-modi-years-are-more-indians-using-cooking-gas-because-of-the-ujjwala-scheme)
  3. Housing for poor 1.13 crores built (http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=181315)

India no longer home to largest number of Poor. It was UPA distinction (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/india-no-longer-home-to-the-largest-no-of-poor-study/articleshow/64754988.cms

Q19: what happened to Rs 15 lac he was to give?


  1. Need to understand the difference between per capita / per person and money going in the personal account of every individual. Government doesn’t distribute its money like that. It can give subsidies which is a different issue, for example, Rs6,000 handout to small farmers.
  2. But put another way, the Ayushman insurance is free up to Rs 5 lacs + rural housing about Rs 1.5 lacs + toilet Rs 3,500 + Rs 6,000 per year farmer subsidy so total is about 6.5 lacs. If you add MNREGA which continues under Modi this figure will further increase. There is no GST on goods that are purchased by rural consumers since most items required by them are free. Earlier even the poor paid tax indirectly as these were included in the price of the goods themselves.  So, you need to factor these amounts also.

If you consider housing for urban poor, then the housing cost itself would be Rs 5 to 10 lacs in Mumbai for example. So already substantial amount is put in the pocket of the poor in kind.



Also check the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana details available online.

Q18: Demonetisation was failure


Demonetisation served two purposes A. the black money held in cash became useless and had to be thrown B. Those who deposited it in bank are now in a trap.  Since the government now knows who had the black money and is already going after them. C. there was short-term disruption but long-term benefits far out way the pain.



Q17: Modi failed on Kashmir


Kashmir problem is a legacy /gift of Nehru. While all other states looked after by Patel joined the Indian Union, Kashmir continued to be a mess because of Nehru’s love for Sheikh Abdullah. Nehru took the matter to UN without cabinet approval which is wholly wrong. He thus made a bilateral issue International issue. His daughter Indira couldn’t solve it and instead gave away 90000 Pak soldiers captured by India as POWs for free without getting anything in return. All peace talks failed for the last 70 years. Modi’s policy is tit for tat as seen by Airstrikes and Surgical strikes. It will take a while for things to get normal.  We need Modi once again for that purpose.


Read Godbole Madhav (2009) The God Who Failed on Nehru. Rupa Books AND Sarila, N (2009) The Untold Story of the Partition of India, Harper Collins India. Similarly, ‘My Frozen Terbulance in Kashmir by Jagmohan former Governor of Kashmir (available online) is excellent.


Q16: Modi is anti-Dalit


  1. Yet another canard spread by opposition parties for political gain. 2. Modi made a Dalit President of India Mr Kovind 3. Modi himself is OBC – never referred to his caste for political gains 4. Acquired Ambedkar house in London 5. Build memorial for Ambedkar in Mumbai 6. Celebrated constitution day to remember Babasaheb Ambedkar
  2. Violence against Dalits has a legacy and was there even before 2014. No evidence that it increased after Modi took over.






Q 15. Modi is anti_muslim


Modi conferred highest award by Saudi government. If Modi was anti-Muslim why a Muslim country would confer such highest civilian award? (source: https://www.news18.com/news/india/narendra-modi-conferred-saudi-arabias-highest-civilian-honour-1224999.htm

India Muslim rescued from Pak by Modi Sarkar (https://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/indian-man-freed-from-pakistani-jail-returns-praising-sushma-swaraj-meri-madam-mahan-358907.html)


Modi govt rescued Muslims trapped in Yemen (https://scroll.in/article/719205/indias-bohra-muslims-are-back-safely-from-yemen-but-have-many-reasons-to-still-be-anxious)

Modi was demonised by congress for political reasons when he headed Gujarat.  Communal riots were a common feature before Modi took over of CM Gujarat.  The last being 2002.  But not a single riot thereafter.  Not a single communal riot in India after Modi became PM.


Q14: What has Modi done against black money


Several measures have been taken. Please see the URL in next column





Q13. Nirav Modi fled so also Mallya and others what was PM Modi doing


  1. Nirav et al were tipped off by PNB/GOI insiders that the bank has referred the matter to CBI. Fearing arrest before any further action could be taken, he fled. 2. PM would not have initiated legal action if he wanted him to flee. 3. New law Fugitive Economic Offenders Act was brought by Modi and even overseas property can be confiscated. 4. Nirav in UK jail already 5. Mallya and Mehul being extradited





Q12: How many terms needed to build a temple & why to promise then?


  1. The promise was to build it within the ambit of the constitution. SC is a constitutional authority, so we have to wait for the verdict. 2. Modi follows law instead of unlawful action of Nehru in inserting 35 A in the constitution OR taking J&K issue to the UN.



Q11: Goa, KA – we didn’t see democratic behaviors, even in other few states too


Goa: Congress got largest number of seats but fell short of majority. Couldn’t cobble up a coalition in time.  BJP was more agile and could do it. All this is permitted in democracy. 2. KNT: Refer to article by Chandan Mitra (see URL in next column) . 3. which other states? Be specific so that I can answer



https://www.hindustantimes.com/assembly-elections/goa-govt-formation-how-congress-lost-the-plot-despite-finishing-first-in-election/story-10PULDveeUkzWvy2asZhSK.html 2. https://www.ndtv.com/opinion/stop-making-karnataka-out-to-be-big-blow-for-bjp-1855381


Q 10. No transparency under Modi


Need to be specific by what you mean here. Please see Parliamentary debates and you will know about transparency of Modi sarkar.  Every statement made on the floor of the House is acceptable evidence in court.



No source required.

Q9: Institutions undermined


  1. Which in particular? 2. Suprement Court: underminded by Opposition which brought impeachment against Chief Justice. Read emergency days how AN Ray was appointed overlooking four judges. Recently SC squashed GOI decision on CBI head 3: RBI: already explained above 4. CBI: was called a ‘caged parrot’ by SC during UPA regime.  When a dispute arose between two top CBI officials Modi referred it to CVC an independent agency. Matter also in SC. Alok Verma being investigated.



  1. https://www.oneindia.com/india/1973-when-indira-gandhi-eroded-the-independence-of-the-judiciary-and-morarji-desai-2619309.html 2. https://in.reuters.com/article/cbi-supreme-court-parrot-coal/a-caged-parrot-supreme-court-describes-cbi-idINDEE94901W20130510 3. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/cbi-dispute-all-you-need-to-know/article25307117.ece 4. https://scobserver.clpr.org.in/court-case/cbi-dispute


Q8: Modi’s not accountable?


Everyone is accountable and so also Modi. Govt is accountable to Parliament already and also to people, SC, CAG.




Q7: Modi needs to walk the talk


Please do ask specific questions and I am happy to answer. Making general charge like walk the talk is very difficult to respond. OK for politicians to levy such accusations but certainly NOT appropriate for educated intelligent persons.


Source: as above


Q 6: I am totally Anti_Modi??



  1. India is a democracy so one can be pro or anti Modi as one wishes. 2. Educated and intelligent persons offer reasons backed by evidence why they arrived at that position.

Source: No source required for this.  It is your choice.  No problem with it but would have helped if you offered some reasons why?

Q5: Central govt interfere in RBI operations?


  1. Your question is about RBI independence. Please read the history of RBI GOI relations. Nehru sacked Rama Rao because he disagreed with him.  Many such cases. In emergency RBI was completely subjugated. 2. Central Bank independence is a world wide issue. 3. RBI is accountable to Govt.




Q4: Why Urjit (RBI Governor) removed?



  1. He wanted to leave on personal grounds. But remained in position on Modi’s request.





Q 3. Why Rajan (RBI Governor) removed?



  1. Rajan was NOT removed. His term was not renewed. 2. It is governments prerogative whom to appoint RBI governor. 3. Subramaniam Swamy made serious allegations against Rajan (pl check online). $. Rajan’s role in 80:20 gold scheme


https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/i-left-because-there-was-no-offer-on-the-table-from-the-govt-raghuram-rajan/articleshow/60341824.cms  2. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/policy/8020-gold-scheme-under-scanner-over-illegal-gains-during-upa-tenure/articleshow/65523446.cms

Q2: Rafale corruption?



  1. Supreme Court has already dismissed the case. 2. Govt to Govt deal. No middleman involved. 3. Congress middleman Christian Michel in jail



Q1: Killed Muslims Bcz of beef


The Akhlaq incident took place in 2015 in Uttar Pradesh state ruled then by Samajwadi Party. Law and Order is a state subject. It is wrong to put the blame on Modi. Cultprits are caught and now on bail




[1] (Godbole, M. 2014. The God Who Failed: An assessment of Jawaharlal Nehru’s leadership, Rupa Publications, New Delhi p. 33-34, 37-38).


[2] ibid

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